McDonald Lamond Canzoneri is a union-side labor law firm, representing unions in both private and public sector settings. The firm prides itself on representing clients at the highest level of quality and expertise at hearings and in the briefs that it prepares in advocating for clients and with having close rapport with clients in all phases of work.

With regard to private sector unions, the firm possesses extensive experience and expertise in several areas:

  • Preparing representation petitions, representing clients at related hearings before the Region One of the National Labor Relations Board;
  • Preparing unfair labor practice charges, preparing position statements and briefs in support of charges, and representing clients at unfair labor practice trials as necessary before the National Labor Relations Board;
  • Research and drafting briefs for appeals to the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board in Washington, D.C.;
  • Meeting with clients in advance of bargaining and during bargaining to prepare well-drafted contract language proposals and counter proposals specifically addressing clients needs and concerns and acting as chief spokesperson for unions at collective bargaining negotiations;
  • Providing public relations services including drafting press releases and managing press conferences for union clients and, structuring and advising client on any job or other concerted actions;
  • Handling all aspects of grievance arbitration, from pre-filing analysis of grievances, filing for arbitration and selection of arbitrators, detailed preparation and investigation for arbitration, representation of the union at the arbitration hearing, and research and drafting well-researched and written arbitration briefs in support of union position; and
  • Handling all aspects of legal action relating to arbitration, such as prosecuting or defending lawsuits for injunctions against arbitration, enforcing or vacating arbitration awards, and enforcement of arbitration subpoenas in the United States District Court, and before the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.