The firm includes six highly-experienced attorneys who have spent their entire career practicing union-side labor law and one Of Counsel who concentrates on workers’ compensation and related third-party litigation.

The firm prides itself in representing clients with the highest level of quality and expertise, both at hearings and in written briefs. In addition, attorneys strive to establish a close rapport with clients in all phases of work. The firm is intimately involved in advising and representing its labor union clients in all aspects of their work and has a strong history of success in preparing for, investigating and negotiating complex collective bargaining agreements, and handling representation hearings and unfair labor practice litigation. Attorneys frequently litigate before the National Labor Relations Board, the Massachusetts Division of Labor Relations, state and federal courts.

The firm also has expertise in advising its union clients on strategy for labor action, including picketing, marches, and strikes, and handling media relations such as press releases as needed.

The firm’s success is largely due to its careful and thorough preparation for hearings and contract negotiations, skillful implementation of proven strategies, and persuasive advocacy in post-hearing brief writing.