Areas of Practice

Collective Bargaining

Nothing is more important than getting the contract right.

All the rights, all the benefits, and full and fair compensation for your union membership rest on the bedrock of a solid contract. Collective bargaining is no place for on-the-job training. When we’re at the table, we’re putting 50+ years of hard-fought public and private sector bargaining experience to work for your union.


If management always played by the rules you wouldn’t need us. But they don’t, so you do.

Not much surprises us anymore. We’ve caught subtle actions that undermine a contract, costing workers. We’ve exposed willful disregard of rights and blatantly unfair practices. Effective arbitration is the guarantor of collective bargaining. We will help you respond to management decisions, offer strategic options, and relentlessly arbitrate cases when a fair settlement is unavailable.

Workers’ Compensation

These aren’t just cases—we see the human impact and fight for what’s right.

You build. You protect the public. You care for the sick and injured. You provide valuable services and products to consumers. So much of the noble work our union partners do involves risk. When working people are injured on the job, either though the negligence of others or because of the nature of the work, MLC won’t rest until they are fully compensated.

Strategy and Action

Sometimes you settle. Sometimes you rally. Sometimes you strike.

Unions win when they have clear objectives and make the right moves at the right times. MLC helps union leaders develop and implement strategic and tactical plans designed to assist union clients at and away from the bargaining table. We know how to apply effective pressure that moves corporate management and government leaders.

Tell Your Story

Shaping the public debate is vital to your success.

Is it a case of greedy unions shaking down the taxpayer? Or are compassionate souls who care for sick children being exploited by a millionaire CEO?  The message matters. If you don’t tell your story, you’ll be defined by management. MLC helps unions develop the right messages and deliver them across traditional and social media.

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In the halls of government, at the bargaining table, and on picket lines at some of the most powerful organizations in New England and throughout the country, we fight shoulder to shoulder with our labor union clients to protect workers’ rights and secure fair compensation for all.