Why We Do This...

It was a sweltering summer in upstate New York and workers at the paper mill in Lyons Falls reached the breaking point. Exhausted by mandatory overtime shifts, often working 16 hours straight in 120-degree heat breathing the mill’s foul air, workers walked off the job in a wildcat strike.

After several tense days of negotiations, the union agreed to go back to work if the company eased up on mandatory overtime, but the leader who organized the wildcat strike was suspended. The case went to arbitration and the union asked Alan McDonald to help.

Mission Driven

West Falls, New York is a small rural town about 25 miles south of Buffalo. Growing up on a 100-acre farm there, with horses and hayfields to attend to, Jim Lamond could have taken a much different path in life, one far removed from the turbulence of political and socioeconomic struggles.

Friday Nights

Working his way through college, Jack Canzoneri took a job as a busboy at Mexican restaurant in Buffalo. He worked hard, and sometimes made $35 a shift, which was good money for a student at the time. But soon Jack had questions.