Notable Cases

Boston Marathon Bombing

As a gun battle raged and pipe bombs exploded on the streets of Watertown, MLC attorney Alan McDonald was called to the Watertown police headquarters to assist officers returning from the pursuit and fight with the Boston Marathon bombers.

Crafting the Beer Summit

When the President of the United States and the Governor of Massachusetts jumped to outrageous conclusions, saying the arrest of Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was yet another example of racist police action, MLC pushed back hard.

Saving a Selfless Nurse

She had worked at a Boston hospital for 25 years—a trusted operating room nurse and a beloved colleague. So, when she was abruptly fired for actions to help people in Haiti devastated by poverty and natural disasters, MLC fought back.

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

It could be a gang battle in a prison yard and correction officers have to restore order. Or maybe it’s a domestic violence call and the responding officers hear screams as they arrive and determine they need to get into the home fast.